woensdag 23 februari 2011

Prints + sneak peak

I'm working hard on more Hippie stuff, especially my 2 page comic. I found out that making a comic is harder then it seems.. -_-

Anyyyyhow.. A question for you guys.
I'm currently researching printing options. Of course DeviantArt has the ability, but I want to be able to offer higher quality for less money!!

But in order to do that I need to sell more prints. So, my question to you guys:

Would you be interested in owning prints from the Hippie stuff?
What would you be willing to pay (incl shipping) for a A3 very high quality print of some of the Hippie stuff?

If I get some insights in this, I can hopefully make arrangements!

Oh! and a sneak peak from the 2 page comic!

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