zaterdag 2 april 2011


I've just arrived in Budapest. My new home for the upcoming months.
I'll be joining the Crytek team here to work on the new game : Project Kingdoms!!
Now all I need is to find an apartment and hope my GF will get here soon! ^^

On another note: My dad is seriously considering entering the high quality printing business. Not the photo paper prints, but serious presentation quality stuff. I've printed my A3 portfolio at his place and I've never seen better prints! He prints on Harman Baryta paper, which is the paper with the highest color depth available! Quite stunning, it feels like your looking through a window into a other world.

He's thinking about setting it up for other people as well. The costs would be around 15 euro's for one A3 print. Guaranteed high quality prints. excl. shipping. Not a bad price for serious prints.
For now A4 and A3 are the only sized available, later this year A2 will also be possible!
The more people are interested in this, the better the prices get and the sooner A2 will be an option.

So who's interested in very high quality Hippie or other art work prints?
Supplying your own artwork is possible, send me a message to discuss the details!

David Smit

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