zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Crytek stuff!

Woohooo! got permission to show some of the stuff I did for Crytek Budapest!
The ridiculously talent guys at Crytek Budapest worked on the amazing E3 trailer for RYSE. (previously called project: kingdoms)

I had the pleasure of helping them on the trailer with some vista paintings which then became matte paintings for the actual E3 video!

It's something else compared to the hippies.. But I hope you like it!

5 opmerkingen:


Dayum sir! Ziet er goed uit! Donkere wolken met dat keiharde licht wat je krijgt met dat soort weer werkt goed. Nice nice.

rhemrev zei

Damn you. I need to work harder. :P Great stuff!

Thuyet Nguyen zei

Woa, amazing works David! Congratulations you was work at Ctytek! :)

Davies Usher zei

Pure Awesomeness! :o)

Djezs zei

You playin' with light on a whole 'nother level brother. In your face-awesome skills, determination and patience.